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Shareholder Information

The par value of ordinary shares of Kardan N.V. is € 0.20. The ordinary shares of Kardan N.V. are listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, with the symbol 'KRNV'. The ISIN code of Kardan N.V. is NL000011365.2. From July 10, 2003 until August 31, 2020 the Kardan shares were also listed on Euronext Amsterdam.

Distribution of shares

As of December 31, 2019 a total of 123,022,256 ordinary shares have been issued and are outstanding.

Key financials per share

€ per share 2019 2018 2017
Basic earnings (loss) (0.72) (0.27) (0.15)
Diluted earnings (loss) (0.72) (0.27) (0.15)
Equity attributable to equity holders (1.22) 0.44 0.00

Share prices in 2019

Highest share price 0.0925 39.1
Lowest share price 0.034 12.8
Year-end 0.0412 15.2

* in 0.01 NIS

Dividend Policy

The dividend policy of Kardan will take into consideration the level of net income, liquidity and the capital position, future financing requirements and financial covenants of Kardan, all within the limitations of the law. If circumstances allow, the dividend policy recommends an annual distribution of between 20% and 30% of net income. Dividend pay-out may vary from year to year though. The Company reported a net loss of € 83.7 million over 2019. The Company has committed towards its debenture holders not to distribute dividends until at least 75% of the debt has been repaid. Given the reported net loss and the Company's financial liabilities and commitments towards its Debenture Holders, the Board does not propose a distribution of dividend over 2019.