Prospectus & Others

Please find below the informal English translations of documents required to be filed pursuant to Israeli Law. In these translations an attempt has been made to be as literal as possible without jeopardizing the overall continuity. In cases where differences occur in the translation of the Hebrew text to English, the Hebrew text will govern.

Shelf Prospectus & Offering Report

In Israel it is possible to issue a ‘Shelf Prospectus’, which is a generic prospectus that serves as a primary document to enable a company to offer to the public, via the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, all types of securities as described in it, several times and on different dates, during the effective period of the Shelf Prospectus by only having to additionally publish a Shelf Offering Report.
It gives a company the possibility to act faster once a decision regarding an offering has been taken.


Shelf Offering Report
Shelf Prospectus 2014


FAQ in relation to trading Kardan shares
Immediate report regarding Dalian project loan
Letter to trustees regarding Dalian project loan
Final Deed of Trust dated 02/07/2015 Debentures Series A and Series B
Annex 8.15.1 – to final Deeds of Trust debentures Series A and Series B
English translation of Prospectus Spin Off Israeli Activities