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In Israel it is possible to issue a ‘Shelf Prospectus’: a generic prospectus that serves as a primary document to enable a company to offer to the public, via TASE, all types of securities as described in it, several times and on different dates, during the effective period of the Shelf Prospectus by only having to additionally publish a Shelf Offering Report. It gives a company the possibility to act faster once a decision regarding an offering has been taken. The documents are accessible through the relating link.

Under the heading ‘Other’ documents can be accessed which relate to Kardan’s securities.

In all cases in which Kardan posts English translations of an original Hebrew document, differences may occur in translation and if so the Hebrew text will govern.


Investor presentations regarding the quarterly results, can be found in the Result Center. Other presentations, such as those given during the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and other events are accessible through the reference.