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Water Infrastructure

Tahal meets one of the world’s most critical challenges: providing (access to) water and food

Tahal Group International B.V. (Tahal), Kardan’s water infrastructure company, focuses on the design, execution, operation and management of projects in the water and agricultural segments and is active in three different continents: Asia (primarily in India and Israel), Africa (primarily in Angola) and Europe (Eastern Europe, primarily in Russia, Serbia and Romania). Tahal was founded in 1952 and acquired by Kardan at the beginning of this century.

Tahal provides engineering design services, as well as supervision and execution of projects in the water resources and supply sector, water and sewage treatment, agriculture and rural development, environmental engineering, solid waste collection and treatment and the entire value chain of natural gas.

In addition, Tahal is engaged in the maintenance and development of water assets, such as: water and waste water treatment plants and permits for the operation and maintenance of municipal water systems.

Projects involve, for instance, improving a country's water supply, sanitation, agricultural and infrastructure sectors, such as the Quiminha project in Angola which includes the development and construction of the water supply, sewage and drainage system for a new rural settlement and irrigation of farm land as well as the training of farmers.


November 2015
President of Angola visits the Quiminha Project


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