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Risk management

Kardan’s risk management approach

Kardan believes that taking risks is an integral part of doing business and can create opportunities which in turn can lead to positive results. Consequently, it is deemed essential to have a proper ‘risk culture’ throughout the Kardan Group, entailing that all employees share a joint responsibility in being risk aware and acting accordingly, and that Management should lead the way through example.

Kardan has a transparent management information system in place based on monthly management reports, submitted and presented by the subsidiaries, to enable sound analyses and decisions. As Kardan is listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, it has solid governance structures and is obliged to report on the quarterly results of the Group, which – among other things – entails that Executive Management discusses strategic and budgetary issues with management and boards of our subsidiaries at least on a quarterly basis.

More detailed information can be found in the Annual Report 2022, chapter Risk Management.