Board Members

David Dekel


Born: 1965
Nationality: Dutch
Appointed: May 31, 2022
Current term: AGM 2026

Mr. Dekel has over 30 years’ experience in international management and leadership in sectors such as ICT and Real Estate. For the last decade, he is focused on Corporate Governance practices.

Mr. Dekel also serves as None Executive Director and Chairman of Plaza Centers N.V., a commercial developer operating in Central Europe and as a Director at Gazit Globe firms in the Netherlands.
Prior to his current roles, Mr. Dekel served as a None Executive Director at Nanette Real Estate Group N.V., a residential developer, operating in Central Europe.

Mr. Dekel holds a BBA from the Delta University in Utrecht, the Netherlands, with a major in marketing and an MBA from the University of Teesside (the Hague extension) in the Hague with a major in Strategic Planning.

In addition to the above, Mr. Dekel has a diploma from the Financial Times / EdExcel, following the None Executive program of 2013.