Board Members

Ferry Houterman


Born: 1949
Nationality: Dutch
Appointed: May 30, 2018
Current term: AGM 2022

Mr. Houterman has a teaching degree business administration and economics, NIMA marketing certificate A and B.

Mr. Houterman has extensive experience as executive and non-executive director of various companies such as Rabobank Amsterdam and Eden Hotel Group. Mr. Houterman also serves as a member of the Supervisory Board of Tahal Group International B.V. Mr. Houterman is the current owner of HMC B.V., a consultancy firm.

Mr. Houterman holds no shares in Kardan N.V., is no relative of any other interested party in the Company, is no employee of the Company, an associate company or an interested party and is to be considered an independent non-executive member as defined in the Articles of Association.

Mr. Houterman has a legally registered partnership with his wife and no children.