Board Members

Max Groen


Born: 1946
Nationality: Dutch
Appointed: December 12, 2016
Current term: November 2020

Mr. Groen holds a master’s degree in economics and accounting from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and has a postgraduate degree in accountancy. Mr. Groen worked as an auditor for over 30 years, ultimately as partner of KPMG N.V. Prior to being appointed as a non-executive Board Member of Kardan in December 2016. Mr. Groen served as a member of the Kardan’s supervisory board from July 2005 until May 2012, when Kardan adopted a one-tier governance system. Mr. Groen then continued to serve as a non-executive board member of Kardan and chairman of the Audit Committee until August 2015 when he resigned from the Board.